Dream The Night Awake - A BPM Film

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'Dream The Night Awake' is the second film by BPM founder and managing director, Jonathan Hallinan, and the first incarnation of the brand’s 2017 campaign.

Shot in Sydney, Australia and directed by Australia’s most successful and sought after fashion photographer, Georges Antoni, 'Dream The Night Awake' is a cinematic experience that once again blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Drawing inspiration from John Milton’s 17th century poem 'Comus' – and specifically the verse “What hath night to do with sleep?” – 'Dream the Night Awake' is a story about human desire.

“'Dream The Night Awake' is about realising my vision for a BPM world filled with beauty, desire and the exotic,” says Hallinan. “To me, the film speaks to the idea that the night is far more beautiful, far more powerful and far more luxurious than the day – its protagonists more interesting and its motives more diverse,” he adds.

Featuring two sets of identical twins, the film opens on an electric Sydney rooftop with a female character dictating the tone of the evening by instructing her male counterpart to “Dance now, talk later”. Composed as a series of chapters and following a number of parallel narratives, 'Dream The Night Awake' takes the viewer on a visceral and intriguing journey through the lives of the young protagonists.

In speaking to his broader motives behind creating such extraordinary and layered films, Hallinan recalls that “in luxury, it is emotion that must be sought after at the highest level. There is a common misconception between premium and luxury. My mandate is to ensure that as an iconic brand, BPM can deliver on this desire and create a deeply rewarding and engaging experience for our purchasers – my films are the apex of this vision,” adds Hallinan.

With a distinctly international cast that includes female twins, Norina and Chiara Gasteiger, male twins, Steven and Edward Bailey – in addition to cameo appearances by model Yiorgos Karavas (of Harrolds Luxury Department Store fame) and Jonathan Hallinan himself – 'Dream the Night Awake' was brought to life by a 50 strong team including Executive Creative Director, David Roennfeldt, Producer Hamish Roxburgh, Executive Producer Jane Robinson, Stylist Jolyon Mason, Hair Director Daren Borthwick and Makeup Director Linda Jefferyes.

'Dream The Night Awake' follows Hallinan’s first film, 'Elegant Hedonism' and forms part of an ongoing series celebrating the virtues of pleasure, desire and the luxury of the imagination.